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MUSIC OTW Module 3 Vocabulary

Author: Rodriguez Rose
Keywords: music, medieval, , , , , online teaching

0. HIldegard von Bingen
1. ancient music
2. modes
3. troubadours
4. polyphonic
5. Medieval music
6. neumes
7. chants
8. conductus
9. Samaveda
10. Gregorian chants
11. prehistoric or primitive music
12. monophonic
13. Pech Merle
14. Guillaume de Machaut
15. Natva Shastra

0. Traveling musicians that performed for the nobles.
1. Music with 2 or more independent melodies.
2. Early notation that indicated where voices shoud rise or fall.
3. Music produced by early literate societies.
4. Relic with a nearly complete example of notated music.
5. Poems accompanied by an instrument often a lyre.
6. All music created in preliterate cultures.
7. Music produced in medieval Europe.
8. Often sung by male choirs; some of this music is still used
9. Having a single melody without any accompaniment.
10. A musical form that became popular in the late medieval period.
11. Collection of hymns from India.
12. A series of pitches ordered by intervals. Ancient scales.
13. French cavern with dots on the ceiling indicating acoustics.
14. The use of archaeological techniques in the study of music.
15. Poet and composer, wrote over 100 songs.