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Ch. 2 Vocabulary

Author: Inglish Mary
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0. chemical change
1. Physical Change
2. element
3. heterogenous mixxture
4. electrode
5. electircal energy
6. electromagnetic energy
7. chemical bond
8. molecule
9. Law of conservation of matter
10. chemical energy
11. solution
12. chemical formula
13. homogenous mixture
14. physical property
15. energy

0. Characteristic of a pure substance observed w/out changing to other substance
1. Well mixed mixture containing a solvent %26 solute same properties
2. Form of energy that travels though space as waves
3. total potential %26 kinetic energy of particles in an object
4. energy of moving electrical charges
5. basic particle from which all elements are made
6. measure of average energy of motion of particles of a substance
7. Combination of symbols that represents # of elements in a compound
8. Anything that has mass and takes up space
9. form of potential energy that is stored in chemical bond between atoms
10. Characteristic of a pure substance describing ability to change to a new substance
11. Change in which new substances are formed from combining/break of substances
12. A change in a substance that does not change its identity
13. metal strip that conducts electricity
14. change in which energy is given off
15. Mixture in which substance are evenly distributed throughout