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Middle Ages

Author: Deem Hailey
Description: Choose a game and connect the words that match the definitions.
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0. Silk Road
1. Crusader
2. chivalry
3. Middle Ages
4. peasant
5. Nobles
6. apprentice
7. lord
8. Pope
9. plague
10. invaders
11. Fuedal System
12. King
13. knight
14. coat of arms
15. trade

0. a social system that existed in Europe
1. outsiders who would fight over the land
2. a trade route between Asia and Europe
3. illness in the MIddle Ages
4. Which group was at the top of the triangle in the Feudal System?
5. symbols and colors on a shield that identified a family
6. to give a product in return for another product
7. a soldier who wore armor and was trained to fight in war
8. The knight showed _________ by being respoectful to women.
9. a wealthy land owner
10. a person learning a craft or trade from a teacher
11. works on a farm in exchange for land
12. a Christian soldier during the Middle Ages
13. The period between 500 AD and 1500 AD
14. the group under the king in the Feudal System
15. leader of the Catholic faith