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MICIT-secondary storage

Author: sarhan hossam
Description: welcome students computer skills ( kfu py ) department contact with this practice for mor training just add this account to face book
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1. The amount of time require for a storage device to retrieve the program and data is its
A) access speed
B) capacity
C) memory
D) storage

2. how tightly the bits can be packed next to one another on a disk is referred to as
A) tracks
B) sectors
C) density
D) configuration

3. Thick rigid metal platters that are capable of storing and retrieving information at a high rate of speed are known as
A) hard disks
B) soft disks
C) density

4. This type of storage device has no moving part
A) Hard disks
B) Floppy disks
C) Optical discs
D) Solid state

5. The data on an optical disk is represented by flat areas called ______________ on the disk surface.
A) Surfaces
B) Flats
C) Lands
D) Pits

6. DVD stands for
A) Digital video data
B) Direct video disc
C) Digital versatile disk
D) Direct versatile disk

7. ___________ is current hi def standard
A) Blu-ray
C) DVD%2bR
D) Max RL

8. Tape is described as using this type of access
A) Magneto-optical
C) Direct
D) Sequential

9. Specialized high-capacity secondary storage device designed to meet organizational demands for data
A) Blu-Ray Disc
B) Hi def
C) Mass storage
D) Floppy disk