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Properties of Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids

Author: Miller Crystal
Keywords: metal, nonmetal, metalloid, corrosion, malleable, , online teaching

1. Clue: Luster, malleable, ductile, conductor
A) Metals
B) Nonmetals
C) Metalloids
D) Noble Gases

2. Luster, malleable, ductile, conductor
A) Carbon
B) Potassium
C) Copper
D) Graphite

3. Material that conducts electricity better than a nonmetal, but not as well as a metal.
A) conductor
B) insulator
C) ductility
D) semiconductor

4. Examples of these elements include: silicon, boron, and polonium.
A) Metals
B) Nonmetals
C) Metalloids
D) Conductors

5. This gentleman arrnaged elements into a structure called the Periodic Table.
A) John Dalton
B) Albert Einstein
C) Dmitri Mendeleev
D) Sir Isaac Newton

6. Which nonmetal forms coal and diamonds?
A) nitrogen
B) carbon
C) iodine
D) chlorine

7. Copper, platinum, and ___are the most ductile metals.
A) gold
B) iron
C) lead
D) silver

8. What is the only metal to be a liquid at room temperature?
A) mercury
B) aluminum
C) iron
D) copper

9. Gases that rarely react with other elements are called inert or ___ gases.
A) corrosive
B) noble
C) ductile
D) semiconductive

10. rubber, wood, plastic
A) insulators
B) conductors
C) semiconductors
D) metalloid