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Concentration Game

Author: perez monica
Description: Hi!!!! It%27s Monica again hehehe... Ok, let see if you did your homework... On each card there is either %27 a word%27 of %27 a definition%27. Match each word with its definition!!! Have fun!!! Use your notes to help yourself.
Keywords: student, life, , , , , online teaching

0. Rejected
1. Study Hall
2. Scholarship
3. Sorotory
4. Grades
5. Apply
6. Research
7. Faculty Members
8. Honor Roll
9. Alma mater
10. Attend
11. Term paper
12. Dormitory
13. Accepted
14. Tardy
15. The Intermediate Class at Universidad Don Bosco

0. A time that is reserved for quiet study
1. A special list for students with very good grades
2. Academic scores
3. Late for a class or an appointment
4. To be present
5. Not admitted
6. Look for information
7. Admitted
8. To make a resquest to be admitted
9. A building on campus that students live in
10. Money given by an organization to pay someone%27s studies
11. A special essay students write at the end of the semester or term
12. All the teachers in a school, college or university
13. A college or university you graduated from
14. A club for female students
15. Winners!!! :)