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Chapter 13 Crossword Puzzel

Author: Bullis Meghan
Description: Use key terms from Chapter 13 in your textbook to fill out the blanks!
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Crossword hints:
Students who are knowledgable about their strenghts and challenges in learning, have developed help-seeking behaviors, have a number of learning strategies and a clear understanding of the tasks that , A technique to create a more listener-friendly lecture. During logical breaks in a lecture, ask students to compare notes and ask questions amongst eachother breifly to make sure they understand and r, Component of Instructional Clarity- Connect new information with previously known information to help them gain a better ________!, One of the 4 key areas of note taking- Show how your key ideas are related., One of the 4 key areas of note taking- Choosing the most important ideas., Component of Instructional Clarity- Your format must be clear so students can follow along easily. The way you organize your lecture is called _________., Component of Instructional Clarity- When information presented in logical order it is called __________., One of the 4 key areas of note taking- Efficently taking notes., Acronmys and acrostics are a type of _______ strategy used for memory., A graphic organizer used in content-area classes that students use to prepare themselves for a classroom discussion., A graphic organizer that is used to help students to see how ideas are related and , Component of Instructional Clarity- Defining key terms and giving examples is __________., A strategy created for middle school students with learning diabilities to help them complete their assignments and lead them through the steps they will take outside of school to do so., One of the 4 key areas of note taking- Shrinking your main ideas down., Component of Instructional Clarity- Use examples, pace yourself, be articulate and lively when doing this: ____________., Metacognitive strategy: Teacher vocalizes actions and thoughts during a demonstration, showing students how to think and learn.,

Crossword words: