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Author: McDonald Megan
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1. Who developed Operant conditioning?
A) Pavlov
B) Einstein
C) Skinner
D) Freud

2. presentation of a stimulus that increases the probability of a response is?
A) Reward
B) Punishment
C) Negative Reinforcement
D) Positive reinforcement

3. increases the probability of a response that removes or prevents an adverse condition is?
A) Negative reinforcement
B) Positive reinforcement
C) Reward
D) Punishment

4. What involves presenting a strong stimulus that decreases the frequency of a particular response?
A) Reward
B) Punishment
C) Positive Reinforcement
D) Negative Reinforcement

5. What is primarily concerned with observable and measurable aspects of human behavior?
A) Dualism
B) Behaviorism
C) Socialism
D) Learned helplessness