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Media revision of terms 1

Author: Hughes Mark
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

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Factual characteristics of a population sample, e.g. age, gender, race, nationality, income, disability, education, The secondary meaning that a sign carries in addition to it’s everyday meaning., The everyday or common sense meaning of a sign., Where the sound source is visible on screen, or the characters in a text are interacting with it, A question in a text that is not immediately answered and creates interest for the audience – a puzzle that the audience has to solve. Think Barthes..., The way in which technologies and institutions come together in order to create something new., This is how the controllers of the media may on the one hand use the media to pursue their own political interest, and by exerting their dominance over other social classes, A set of ideas or beliefs which are held to be acceptable by the creators of the media text, maybe in line with those of the dominant ruling social groups in society, or alternative ideologies such as,

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