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Properties of states of matter

Author: Marfil Marta
Description: Match the state or matter with one description or property. You have only 5 min!!
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0. the particles in a gas
1. in a solid the particles
2. it is invisible
3. a gas can
4. a liquid
5. a liquid has
6. il flows
7. in a liquid the particles have some
8. you cannot walk
9. gas
10. a gas has
11. liquid
12. solid
13. it stays in one
14. you can pour a gas, but
15. a solid has

0. fixed volume, but chages shape
1. it feels hard
2. liquid
3. it does not has a fixed volume
4. fixed volume and shape
5. through a solid
6. it is wet
7. solid
8. we can%27tfeel it
9. fill any container you put it in
10. movement energy
11. can be spread to fill the bottom of a container
12. gas
13. are spread far apart
14. are close together
15. variable volumne and shape