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Matrix Operations

Author: Sturdivant Vittyjo
Description: Decide if the statement is true or false and slide it into the correct categor
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1. True
2. False
3. group_name3
4. group_name4

0. If A and B are 2x2 matrices, then their product is 2x2
1. inverse matrix is the x^-1 key on the calculator
2. recursive formula uses the first term in the formula
3. divisibility of 2 ends in a 0
4. If A and B are 2x2 matrices then A%2bB is 2x2
5. If I multiply a (2x4)(4x3) my result is a 4x4
6. explicit formula is given on the formula sheet
7. squrt(3) is real and rational
8. .33333 is equivalent to 2/3
9. If I multiply a (2x1)(1x2) my result is a 2x2
10. summation notation is using the sigma sign
11. squrt(4) is only real and rational
12. 4.45 is the same as 4 %2b (45/100)
13. AB=BA always
14. prime numbers have only one and itself as multiples
15. squrt(25) is natural, whole, integer, rational, real
16. To add fractions, you just add across
17. A%2b B = B%2bA
18. GCF uses prime factor tree, multiply by what%27s left
19. integers are any positive and negative numbers
20. To multiply fractions, you multiply across
21. A -B = B-A
22. Your grade is a discrete variable
23. 0 is a whole number but it%27s not natural
24. If I multiply a (2x3)(2x3) my result is a 2x3
25. I can find the sum of an infinite series if r%3e1
26. Distance is a continuous variable
27. divisibility of 10 number ending in 0 or 5
28. If I multiply a (2x1)(1x3) then my result is undefined
29. I can find the sum of an infinite series if r%3c1
30. Divisibility of 3 last 3 digits multiple of 3
31. real numbers numbers that terminate