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Materials Group 2

Author: Kokhanik Anastasiia
Description: Match the words with the definitions
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0. mould (v)
1. lump (v)
2. scratch (v)
3. pile (v)
4. lump (n)
5. gravity (n)
6. mineral (n)
7. opaque (adj)
8. grain (n)
9. mould (n)
10. pat (v)
11. liquid (n)
12. polish (v)
13. flake (v)
14. grind (v)
15. hollow (adj)

0. to come off a surface in small flat pieces
1. to rub the surface of smth in order to make it shine
2. difficult to see through
3. a shaped container where liquid gets the form of the conta
4. to put a large number of things on top of each other
5. to put people or things that don%27t belong together, into the same group
6. the force that makes smth fall to the ground
7. a very small individual piece of a substance, such as sand
8. rub with your nails; damage the surface with smth sharp
9. a natural substance in the earth, e.g. gold, diamonds
10. empty inside
11. to give smth a particular shape or form
12. to touch smn gently several times to show care
13. a solid piece of smth that does not have a regular shape
14. a substance that can flow, has no fixed shape, not solid or gas
15. to break smth into small pieces or powder by using a machine