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Materials Group 1

Author: Kokhanik Anastasiia
Description: Match the words with the definitions.
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0. dilute (v)
1. crack (n)
2. chip (n)
3. crumb
4. brittle (adj)
5. concentrate (v)
6. fabric (n)
7. friction (n)
8. fragile (adj)
9. dense (adj)
10. block (n)
11. crush (n)
12. firm (adj)
13. dissolve (v)
14. compact (v)
15. flake (n)

0. make a solution of smth in water stronger
1. a very small piece that falls off a dry food such as bread
2. a line on a surface where smth is beginning to break apart
3. easy to break or damage
4. a small flat piece of smth
5. the physical force that makes it difficult for one surface to move
6. cloth, especially when it is used to make clothes or curtains
7. to make a liquid less strong by adding water or another liquid
8. very heavy substance in relation to its size
9. a solid piece of wood, stone, ice, etc. with straight sides
10. to make smth smaller by pressing it
11. solid but not hard
12. when smth mixed in the liquid becomes included in it
13. a crowd of people all close together in a too small area
14. a small piece of smth, especially when it has broken off smth
15. hard and easily breakable into pieces