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Great cities

Author: Salazar Juan Luis
Description: Match the city with its feature
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0. Orlando
1. Moscow
2. Chicago
3. Sydney
4. Mexico city
5. Rio de Janeiro
6. Rome
7. London
8. Mumbai
9. Vancouver
10. Shanghai
11. Istambul
12. Bogota
13. Venice
14. Athens
15. Tokyo

0. One week won%27t be enough! Disneyworld is enormous!
1. There are so many different architecture styles!
2. Would you like to take a walk thru the Red Square?
3. Take the red bus and meet me by the Parliament
4. They say coffee here is the best in the world!
5. There are no shows tonight at The Opera House
6. See that? That%27s Mount Fuji
7. Come in February if you want to be at the Carnival
8. I could see the whole city from the Willis Tower
9. Who%27s playing today at the Azteca stadium?
10. You need to walk a lot to get to the Parthenon
11. Living Shangri-La is a really tall building!
12. The Hagia Sophia is one of the biggest temples I%27ve seen
13. Can we go to see some of the Bolliwood%27s artists?
14. I thought the Colisseum was bigger
15. The Gondola was a very romantic ride