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Matching Environment

Author: Attard Evangeline
Description: Match each term with its definition. Let%27s see how well you score. Start!
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0. Reuse
1. Pollution
2. Recycle
3. Attitude
4. Climate
5. Ozone Layer
6. Action
7. Climate Change
8. Forest
9. Global Warming
10. Greenhouse Effect
11. Awareness
12. Carbon Dioxide
13. Reduce
14. Species
15. Rainforest

0. An area with heavy annual rainfall
1. A product of fossil-fuel combustion and other products
2. Warming, due to solar radiation being trapped by the atmosphere
3. A group of organisms having similar appearance
4. A change in the distribution of weather over periods of time
5. The protective layer in the atmosphere
6. Actually taking an active part in a process
7. To process used material into new products
8. Gaining knowledge about various ways how to help
9. Having beliefs, values and feelings to act in a certain way
10. The kind of weather a place has most often, year after year
11. The introduction of contaminants into the air, land or water
12. To use an item more than once
13. The trees and other plants in a large, densely wooded area
14. To cut down from using certain materials
15. An increase in the temperature of the Earth%27s atmosphere