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Career Clusters Dominoes

Author: Lewis Russell
Description: Match the Career Clusters! For the 16 Career Clusters, match each with examples of jobs in that field. Read carefully! Some jobs can be listed in more than one Cluster.
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0. Hospitality %26 Tourism
1. Agriculture, Food %26 Natural Resources
2. Science, Technology, Engineering %26 Mathematics
3. Information Technology
4. Arts, A/V Technology %26 Communications
5. Government %26 Public Administration
6. Business Management %26 Administration
7. Transportation, Distribution %26 Logistics
8. Health Science
9. Manufacturing
10. Education %26 Training
11. Finance
12. Architecture %26 Construction
13. Law, Public Safety, Corrections %26 Security
14. Marketing
15. Human Services

0. Dentist Nurse Pediatrician Surgeon
1. Broadcaster Graphic Designer Journalist Stage Manager
2. CEO Entrepreneur Project Mgr. Supervisor
3. Archaeologist Biologist Lab Tech. Physicist
4. Mayor President Senator Treasurer
5. Advertiser Graphic Designer Merchandiser Salesman
6. Civil Engineer Contractor Surveyor Urban Planner
7. Coach Principal Professor Teacher
8. Conductor Logistics Mgr. Mechanic Truck Driver
9. Chef Hotel Manager Tour Guide Travel Agent
10. Detective Firefighter Lawyer Security Guard
11. Computer Tech. Network Admin. Programmer Web Designer
12. Farmer Logger Miner Veterinarian
13. Accountant Banker Economist Investment Mgr.
14. Millwright Operator QA Technician Tool Maker
15. Counselor Psychologist Social Worker Sociologist