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Test about Norvig%27s video

Author: Van den Boosche Eleonore
Description: Answer the questions the best as you can.
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1. The front page of the website (which is projected on a screen during the talk) writes that it is in partnership with Stanford University. Why ?

2. According to Norvig, what are the three main components of traditional teaching ?
A) A textbook
B) A blackboard
C) A sage on a stage
D) A sleeping guy at the back

3. At the beginning of the video, what/who did show that short video courses are more effective than simply recording you in an hour long course ?
A) Sheer Khan Academy
B) Star Academy
C) Khan Academy
D) Heidelberg Academy

4. At 3:15 Complete the following quote “ We didn’t want students to memorize formulas, but we wanted to change #”
A) the way they look at the world., The way they look at the world, the way they look at the world., the way they looke at the world,

5. Why did the creators choose to have due-dates for the homework ?
A) To get the students motivated
B) Tobe more intelligent
C) They make the students interact
D) To work on the same thing at the same time, so that it makes more sense to the students

6. What is flipped classroom ?
A) You watch/study the document at home, and then you discuss it with peers and ask questions to your teacher.
B) You watch/study the document in class, and do you homework at home, with no help from your peers or your teacher.

7. What is peer instruction ?
A) Students collaborate so that the course is made more meaningful to them.
B) Students work on their own, and ask the teacher questions.

8. After the 10 weeks courses, what do the students get ?
A) A diploma
B) A degree
C) A statement of accomplisment
D) A certification

9. At 4:40 A class is not primarily about information, more important it’s about #.
A) motivation and determination, Motivation and determination,