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Making the Constitution (7b)

Author: Gehle Beth
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1. Where did state delegates meet to draft a new constitution in 1787?
A) Washington, D.C.
B) Boston, Massachusetts
C) Williamsburg, Virginia
D) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2. Who was elected president of the Constitutional Convention?
A) James Madison
B) George Washington
C) Benjamin Franklin
D) Thomas Jefferson

3. Which debate was decided by the Great Compromise?
A) how much power should be given to the national government
B) how many branches the new government should have
C) how states should be represented in the government
D) how many states should be added to the United States

4. How many branches of government were created at the Constitutional Convention?
A) 3
B) 2
C) 1
D) 4

5. How many branches of government did the Articles of Confederation have before the new Constitution was written?
A) 1 -- an executive branch only
B) 1 -- a legislative branch only
C) 2 -- executive and legislative
D) 2 -- legislative and judicial

6. What is a federal system of government?
A) when power is shared between the national and state gov%27ts
B) when power is shared between three branches of government
C) when a president is elected instead of a king
D) when a Congress is divided into two houses

7. How many states had to ratify the Constitution before it could become law?
A) 13
B) 12
C) 9
D) 7

8. What is the word for %22voting in favor of the Constitution?%22
A) ratification
B) election
C) debate
D) amendment

9. Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?
A) Thomas Jefferson
B) George Washington
C) George Mason
D) James Madison

10. Thomas Jefferson wrote this famous document that helped inspire the Bill of Rights.
A) United States Constitution
B) Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
C) Virginia Declaration of Rights
D) Articles of Confederation

11. What do the first ten amendments to the Constitution do?
A) provide a written guarantee of individual rights
B) provide a way to elect a new president every four years
C) provide a way to add new territories to the United States
D) provide a guarantee that European nations will not interfere

12. Freedom of speech and the freedom of religion are found in this part of the Constitution.
A) Article I - The Legislative Branch
B) Article II - The Executive Branch
C) The Bill of Rights
D) The Preamble