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Author: maha sabry
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1. Programs that are published and allows users to see their own code and modify it are called.
A) Free Ware.
B) Open Source.
C) Copy Write.
D) All the above.

2. A Web page that shows only some of the information and shows the title moving from right to left and sound effects on your internet browserprogram is considered:
A) Dynamic web Page.
B) Static web Page.
C) Home page.
D) Free Ware.

3. Web page through which data can be displayed, and allows the user to modify and save the modified data in the database, is called:
A) Static web page.
B) Dynamic web page.
C) Home Page.
D) Copy Write.

4. The User Script code used to process some of the data on a web page is executed in:
A) A server device on which the site was stored only.
B) Internet browser only.
C) Free Ware program.
D) All the above.

5. The Script code is written in many languages, one of the most famous:
A) . C#.
D) c%2b%2b

6. The web page that requires you to enter your user name and password, means:
A) It is not made to handle their data.
B) Static web page.
C) Deal with the database.
D) All the above.

7. The term Server refers to the computer:
A) With the highest technical specifications from the rest of
B) Larger network.
C) connected to the Internet
D) All the above.

8. The term Server can refer to:
A) A computer device at least in the technical specifications.
B) The role of the computer in the computer network.
C) Computer with the Director General.
D) All the above

9. PC in which we store a Web site, is called:
A) . Database Server.
B) Mail Server.
C) Web Server.
D) All the above.

10. PC that stores the e-mail of a company is called:
A) Database Server.
B) Mail Server.
C) Web Server.
D) Web Server.

11. HTML markup language is used to create:
A) Dynamic Web Page.
B) Static Web Page.
C) PHP Page.
D) Web Server.

12. Web pages with PHP extension refer to the execution of the PHP code:
A) Internet browser.
B) Client machine.
C) Server device.
D) Hosting Web Site.

13. The term %22Publishing web Site%22 means:
A) Website published on the Internet
B) Publish a site on a computer in the pages LAN computer network
C) publish a website or pages on a computer in a network
D) All the above

14. One of the companies created their own site to manage its business and published it for all employees only, this site will be considered:
A) Local Host.
B) Hosting Web Site
C) Host.
D) All the above.

15. The following address is for a private company:, from the reading the title we notice that this site has been published:
A) Local Host
B) Publishing web Site.
C) Locally and on the Internet.
D) All the above

16. There are many free programs related to database management systems that has relationships:
C) Access.
D) Database

17. The language used in dealing with data from add, delete and edit are:
C) Java script.
D) Access.

18. One of the modalities for the transfer of data from a Web page to another, and allows the developer of the site for the user to visit the site of some or all of the pages, is called:
A) Password.
B) User Name
C) Session
D) All the above.