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Author: Lo Elise
Description: Match the word to the correct definition.
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0. Do boys or girls have XX chromosomes?
1. What are some examples of what genes can code for?
2. DNA looks like a ladder. What are the %22sides%22 of the ladder?
3. Gene
4. How many pairs of chromosomes does a human have?
5. DNA looks like a ladder. What are the %22rungs%22 of the ladder?
6. What did Watson, Crick, and Franklin discover?
7. Four types of bases
8. What bonds with Cytosine?
9. How can the shape of DNA be described?
10. What bonds with Adneine?
11. Do boys or girls have XY chromosomes?
12. DNA stands for...
13. 3 parts of a nucleotide
14. Where is DNA found?
15. Where do bonds break during DNA replication?

0. Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine
1. Girls
2. Thymine
3. A double helix or twisted ladder
4. Boys
5. Phosphate, Sugar, Base
6. Nucleus
7. 23
8. They made discoveries about DNA.
9. Eye color, hair type, skin color, height.
10. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
11. Guanine
12. Small segment of DNA
13. Alternating sugars and phosphates
14. Nitrogen bases
15. Hydrogen bonds