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LO Lesson 2.1 Vocab Review

Author: Carwile Melissa
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0. Magnets
1. 68-75 Degrees
2. Physical Damage
3. Printer Problems
4. Driver
5. Encryption
6. Inoperable Hardware Device
7. Uninterruptible Power Supply
8. Water Damage
9. Protecting Against Static Electricity
10. Surge Suppressors
11. Display Problems
12. Damaged Media
13. Crashed Hard Drive
14. Power Spikes
15. Data Theft

0. Reformat the drive or use data recovery services
1. Keep stationary equipment stable %26 use cases for moblie devices
2. Keep these away from computers
3. Move to a secure area %26 inspect, contact a specialist
4. Use grounding protection or tile floors or antistatic carpet
5. A battery providing electric current during a power outage
6. Short, fast transfers, of electricity or energy
7. A small program that instructs the OS on operating the hardware
8. Restart router, try another cable, use Network %26 Sharing Center
9. Removing data from a computer without authorization
10. Optimal temperature range for a computer
11. Check for unplugged cord or update video driver
12. Encoding data to keep it confidential with a password key
13. Optimal relative humidity range for a computer
14. Update driver, reinstall hardware, or check power
15. Completely dry out a computer before restoring power