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LO Lesson 2.1 Vocab Review

Author: Carwile Melissa
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0. Inoperable Hardware Device
1. Power Spikes
2. Physical Damage
3. Protecting Against Static Electricity
4. Data Theft
5. Surge Suppressors
6. 68-75 Degrees
7. Display Problems
8. Magnets
9. Loss of Network or Internet Connection
10. Encryption
11. Printer Problems
12. Water Damage
13. 20%25-Dew Point
14. Crashed Hard Drive
15. Uninterruptible Power Supply

0. Removing data from a computer without authorization
1. Protect from power spikes
2. Update driver, reinstall hardware, or check power
3. Optimal temperature range for a computer
4. Keep stationary equipment stable %26 use cases for moblie devices
5. Completely dry out a computer before restoring power
6. A small program that instructs the OS on operating the hardware
7. Encoding data to keep it confidential with a password key
8. Reformat the drive or use data recovery services
9. Move to a secure area %26 inspect, contact a specialist
10. Optimal relative humidity range for a computer
11. Use grounding protection or tile floors or antistatic carpet
12. A battery providing electric current during a power outage
13. Pull out paper in the direction of the paper path
14. Restart router, try another cable, use Network %26 Sharing Center
15. Check for unplugged cord or update video driver