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Litigation Questionnaire

Author: Iglesias Alex
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1. highest _______ claims
A) risky
B) probable
C) exposure
D) insurance

2. which processes are used to _____ proactive recognition?
A) foster
B) lead
C) generate
D) mutilate

3. age _____ claims
A) determined
B) derived
C) determining
D) pending

4. MCU stands for
A) Mutual Company Unit
B) Money Completely Useless
C) Marginal Case Understanding
D) Major Case Unit

5. PMP stands for
A) Project Making Person
B) Project Management Process
C) Personal Marketing Publicity
D) Personal Medical Plan

6. the pertinent ________ model
A) flux
B) process
C) workload
D) classified

7. ______ the MCU group would benefit other teams
A) leveraging
B) improving
C) raising
D) creating

8. to ____ reserves is to establis an amount of money you expect to pay for a claim
A) employ
B) have
C) see
D) set

9. what are the biggest ____ of inaccurate evaluations
A) drovers
B) drinkers
C) dreamers
D) drivers

10. a _______ claim is one that needs be solved in court
A) litigation
B) litigating
C) litigated
D) all th rest

11. to enhance reserve accuracy is to
A) require it
B) solve it
C) improve it
D) worsen it

12. the court order or a provision in a contract that the client or customer should pay proportionately for a partially completed contract or order is
A) the quantic
B) the quanta
C) the quantum
D) the quark

13. a vendor is someone
A) who provides you with money
B) who provides you with other products or services
C) who tells you what to do
D) who sells you

14. ADR stands for
A) Alternative dynamics results
B) Alienated Day Reports
C) Alternative dispute resolution
D) Alternate directive resolution

15. do we make ______ offers?
A) productive
B) prominent
C) proactive
D) protudent

16. we wait for a demand from the _______
A) plant
B) planting
C) plaintiff
D) plenitive

17. ___ -house attorneys are those employed by your same company
A) at
B) on
C) with
D) in

18. if we are lagging the industry in something we are
A) ahead of it
B) at good pace
C) falling behind
D) doing our work well

19. IDP stands for
A) Internet Development Product
B) Individual Development Plan
C) Interest Data Protection
D) Individual Domain Process