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linking words and definitions

Author: Iglesias Alex
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

0. performance expectations
1. to leverage
2. the plaintiff
3. a workload model
4. a centralized function
5. to expedite
6. xdrivers of inaccurate evaluations
7. peer review
8. litigated claims
9. benchmarking data/information
10. within the group
11. a legal bill
12. to prompt
13. proactive
14. vendor and counsel selection
15. level of expertise

0. the main responsibles for providing inexact estimates
1. level of knowledge and mastery of a subject
2. to induce, to generate
3. to trigger, to lead to
4. the person that initiates a lawsuit
5. when a colleague assesses another colleagu
6. processes generated automatically
7. claims that need be handled in court
8. to influence a system multiplying the outcomes
9. the way you are supposed to do your job or task
10. if the money established is what should be
11. a law passed onto an official document
12. to establish an amount of money that you expect you%27ll have to pay
13. to tell someone to handle a lawsuit or proceeding
14. structure of the amount of work distributed to a unit over a given period
15. inside the group