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linking words and definitions

Author: Iglesias Alex
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

0. level of expertise
1. to set reserves
2. in-house staff
3. xdrivers of inaccurate evaluations
4. reserve adequacy
5. to foster
6. to leverage
7. captioned case report
8. a legal bill
9. the plaintiff
10. to expedite
11. proactive
12. performance expectations
13. to prompt
14. within the group
15. to assign a case

0. structure of the amount of work distributed to a unit over a given period
1. to establish an amount of money that you expect you%27ll have to pay
2. a law passed onto an official document
3. when a colleague assesses another colleagu
4. to trigger, to lead to
5. the person that initiates a lawsuit
6. the choice of a service provider or an attorney
7. intentional and motivated
8. a future court case that will determine damages
9. processes generated automatically
10. the main responsibles for providing inexact estimates
11. to induce, to generate
12. a document with information on the case of reference
13. level of knowledge and mastery of a subject
14. already employed people
15. if the money established is what should be