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Literary Terms

Author: bthomp Bernice
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0. Dynamic Character
1. Theme
2. Imagery
3. Conflit
4. Flat Character
5. Limited Omniscient
6. Characterization
7. Static Character
8. Mood
9. Internal Conflict
10. Flashback
11. Point of View
12. Dramatic Irony
13. 1st Person Point of View
14. External Character
15. Setting

0. Time and place of an action
1. When the person telling the story cannot be trusted
2. Use of concrete item to represent an abstract idea
3. Hints of what%27s happening next
4. How the author describes the characters
5. Author goes back in time to replay something
6. Opposite of what you think would happen
7. Central messages or author%27s perspective
8. Character who%27s internal traits change through the story
9. Character who remains same through story
10. The person telling the story
11. Any struggle between opposing forces in the story
12. Character struggles with outside force or problem
13. The audience knows what the characters don%27t
14. Narrator speaking about own thoughts and experiences
15. Feeling created in the reader by a literary work