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Author: Abdullah Atom
Keywords: lipid, structure, function, fattyacid, cholesterol, , online teaching

1. TAG
2. Fatty Acid
3. Cholesterol
4. Cholesterol Esters

0. Saturated or unsaturates
1. cleaved in the small intestine by pancreatic lipase
2. Steroid hormones synthesis
3. Synthesized from Phosphatidic Acid
4. Unsaturated in the ER
5. produces MAG during digestion
6. Synthesized by HMGCoA reductase
7. Control Cell Membrane fluidity
8. Polar with carboxylic group
9. Cleaved by Cholesterol Esterase
10. Synthesis of Bile acids (liver)
11. Alpha Linoleic Acid (w3)
12. Polar with OH group and double bond
13. Linoleic Acid (w6)
14. Has a detergent character.
15. Non Polar with 1 FA
16. Non Polar with 3 FA
17. Stores Fat in the Adipose tissues
18. Glycerol back bone and 3 FA
19. Unsaturated at Carbon 9