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Lipids Matching

Author: Abdullah Atom
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0. Secretin
1. Cholesterol esters
2. Sphingomylein
3. Gastric Lipase
4. Pancreatic Lipase
5. TAG
6. Cerebroside
7. Phospholipase D
8. Cholycystokinin
9. Phospholipids
10. Phospholipase A1 or A2
11. Ceramide
12. Ganglioside
13. Bile Acids
14. Globoside
15. Phospholipase C

0. Polar lipid with Glycerol Backbone %2b Vinyl ether at C#1
1. Cleave phospholipids to phosphatidic acid %2b Free X group
2. Polar Lipid 27 carbon %2b a Hydroxyl group %2b a double bond
3. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid %2b Two Sugars %2b NANA
4. Cleave phospholipids to DAG %2b Phospho-X
5. NON Polar Glycerol backbone %2b 3 FAtty acids
6. Degrade dietary Fatty Acid to MAG %2b 2 Free FA
7. originates%2bactive in the stomach important for infants
8. Amphepathic with one Methy end and one Carboxylic end
9. Non Polar Lipids A free Cholesterol %2b freefatty acid
10. Activate the secretion of bile salts from the Gall bladder
11. Sphingosine backbone %2b phosphate %2b X-group
12. Conjugation with Taurine and Glycine in the liver
13. Glycerol Backbone %2b Phosphate %2b X-group
14. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid
15. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid %2b Two Sugars