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Lipids Matching

Author: Abdullah Atom
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0. Phospholipase D
1. Ganglioside
2. Phospholipase A1 or A2
3. Cerebroside
4. Ceramide
5. Free Fatty Acid
6. TAG
7. Cholesterol esters
8. Gastric Lipase
9. Cholycystokinin
10. Bile Acids
11. Globoside
12. Sphingomylein
13. Pancreatic Lipase
14. Plasmalogen
15. Secretin

0. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid %2b one Sugar
1. Sphingosine backbone %2b phosphate %2b X-group
2. Stimulates pancreas to release bicarbonate
3. Polar Lipid 27 carbon %2b a Hydroxyl group %2b a double bond
4. Cleave phospholipids to phosphatidic acid %2b Free X group
5. Cleave phospholipids to DAG %2b Phospho-X
6. originates%2bactive in the stomach important for infants
7. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid %2b Two Sugars
8. Sphingosine backbone %2b Fatty acid
9. Amphepathic with one Methy end and one Carboxylic end
10. Cleaves phospholipids to Free FA %2b Lysophopholipids
11. Activate the secretion of bile salts from the Gall bladder
12. NON Polar Glycerol backbone %2b 3 FAtty acids
13. Conjugation with Taurine and Glycine in the liver
14. Non Polar Lipids A free Cholesterol %2b freefatty acid
15. Degrade dietary Fatty Acid to MAG %2b 2 Free FA