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Lipid Metabolism

Author: Abdullah Atom
Keywords: lipid, fatty acids, metabolism, , , , online teaching

1. Fatty acids Synthesis
2. Cholesterol synthesis
3. Beta oxidation
4. Ketone Bodies Synthesis

0. Uses Acetyl CoA carboxylase as RLE
1. Uses HMG CoA Synthase as RLE
2. Beta Hydroxybutyrate is a product
3. Carnitine is needed
4. Uses HMG CoA Reductase as RLE
5. Uses malonyl CoA as a substrate
6. Involves condensation decarboxylation step
7. Starts from the methyl end of the FA
8. Uses CPT I and II
9. Needs Biotin
10. Complex with seven different enzyme activities
11. Starts from the Carboxylic end of the FA
12. Activated by Glucagon and Epinephrine in most cells
13. Involves Citrate Lyase
14. ACP Carrier Protein
15. NADH is Produced
16. Take Place only in Liver cell
17. Palmitoyl CoA is a product
18. CoA activation is needed in the first step
19. CoA activation is needed in the last step
20. Liver Mitochondria
21. NADPH is needed
22. Hormone Sensetive Lipase is active prior to...
23. FADH2 is produced
24. Cytosol of the most cell
25. Beta oxidation is active prior to ...
26. Involveds thiolysis
27. Produces Water
28. Mitochondria of most cells
29. Involves HMG CoA Lyase
30. Inhibited by Malonyl CoA
31. Activated by High NADH in the liver