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Author: Seller Mai
Description: Leia igale vastusele 3 sobivat tehet.
Keywords: Liitmine, 20 piires, , , , , online teaching


1. 12
A) 4%2b8
B) 7%2b6
C) 9%2b3
D) 5%2b7

2. 13
A) 7%2b6
B) 4%2b9
C) 5%2b7
D) 8%2b5

3. 14
A) 8%2b8
B) 9%2b5
C) 6%2b8
D) 7%2b7

4. 15
A) 7%2b8
B) 9%2b6
C) 10%2b5
D) 6%2b7

5. 16
A) 10%2b6
B) 9%2b9
C) 9%2b7
D) 8%2b8

6. 17
A) 11%2b6
B) 9%2b8
C) 6%2b9
D) 7%2b10

7. 18
A) 10%2b9
B) 11%2b7
C) 9%2b9
D) 8%2b10