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Life Science

Author: LeMond David
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0. tissue
1. microscope
2. herbivore
3. photosynthesis
4. carnivore
5. community
6. decomposer
7. population
8. cell
9. energy pyramid
10. inhereted
11. adaptation
12. extenction
13. ecosystem
14. omnivore
15. organism

0. a picture that shows the way energy flows through an ecosystem
1. an organizm that eats both plants and animals
2. an organism that eats only animals
3. an organizm that eats only plants
4. a tool used to look at very small objects
5. all the organizms of one kind that live in a certain place
6. a living thing
7. when on kind of organizm no longer lives on Earth
8. the way plants make thier own food
9. all the populations that lve in a certain place
10. a body part or the way an organizm acts that helps it stay alive
11. the smallest living part of a plant or animal
12. a group of cells that work together
13. an organizm that breaks down dead plants and animals
14. received from a mother or father
15. all the living and non-living things in a certain place