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1. What is your dad%27s name?
A) Liam
B) Koby
C) Shane
D) Karen

2. What is your mom%27s name?
A) Liam
B) Karen
C) Beatrice
D) Ashlynn

3. What is your street number?
A) 18900
B) 1289
C) 1234
D) 2150

4. What is your road?
A) Muncie
B) N. CR 500 W.
C) N. Walnut
D) E. Royerton

5. What city do you live in?
A) Muncie
B) Indianapolis
C) Fun
D) Gaston

6. What State do you live in?
A) Illinois
B) California
C) Indiana
D) Ohio

7. What is your zip code?
A) 47302
B) 47342
C) 36000
D) 18900

8. What is your emergency phone number?
A) 765-413-3020
B) 765-283-2444
C) 765-413-3000
D) 765-215-1890

9. What is your student ID number?
A) 12345
B) 18900
C) 60666
D) 60651