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Letters Vocab

Author: Carwile Melissa
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0. Complimentary Closing
1. Signature Block
2. Attachment
3. Return Address
4. Enclosure
5. Block Format
6. Letter Address
7. Personal Business Letter
8. Reference Initials
9. USPS Style
10. Personal Title
11. Open Punctuation
12. Mixed Punctuation
13. Business Letter
14. Closed Punctuation
15. Margin

0. Closing of the letter. Ex: Sincerely,
1. Includes the name of the writer and their job title
2. Colon after salutation and comma after closing
3. Person who typed the memo but did not write the memo or letter
4. Letter written by an individual to deal with business of a personal nature
5. Keys address in ALL CAPS with no punctuation
6. Preprinted stationary that includes the company%27s information
7. Indicates something accompanies the letter
8. Written by a member of a company regarding a business matter
9. Comma after salutation %26 closing
10. Greeting of the letter. Ex: Dear Mrs. Cunningham,
11. Content of the letter
12. The blank space around the edges of the page
13. Recipient of the letter
14. All lines begin at left margin with NO indentation
15. Used when you do not know the recipient%27s name but you know their job title