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Famous Singers

Author: Anahi Selene
Description: Mark the correct answer
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1. How Patricia Quinn started her career and where?
A) singer and Ireland
B) playboy bunny and London
C) actress and London
D) playboy bunny and England

2. What age began his career Clodagh Rodgers?
A) 15 years old
B) 19 years old
C) 13 years old
D) 20 years old

3. In what year did Clodagh Rodgers go to the UK to sing at the Fetival Erovision?
A) 1989
B) 1971
C) 1987
D) 1975

4. How old is Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle?
A) 40 years old
B) 34 years old
C) 36 years old
D) 38 yeras old

5. What was the name of the pop band where was How old is Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle?
A) Girls Aloud
C) Girl%27s Day
D) G.R.L

6. What is the name of the theater where Jayne Wisener debuted?
A) Donmar Warehouse
B) Royal Opera House
C) Trad on the Prom
D) The Abbey Theater

7. How many years later Robert William Gary Moore died?
A) 59 years old
B) 58 years old
C) 56 years old
D) 60 years old