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Author: mawgoud manal
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0. Apple
2. Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit
3. IBM
4. Firefox
5. Printer
6. Google
7. Web site
8. Portable document format
9. SHIFT key
10. landscape
11. Download
12. internet service provider
13. Joystick
14. SMS
15. Charles Babbage

0. known as Father of Computer
1. The input device that is used to play a computer game
2. It is a collection of one or more web pages grouped together
3. Allows you to send and receive short text messages
4. to make a letter capital or to type a symbol ,press
5. The most search engine that uses
6. Program that is used for editing photoes
7. The term used to refer to horizontal page orientation
8. Dot-matrix is a type of
9. The first company introduced PC
10. ISP stands for
11. It%27s an example of a web browser.
12. i pad is manufactured by this company
13. means copying or moving a file from the Internet to computer
14. The central processing unit (CPU) consists of
15. PDF