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CF Lesson 4 Vocab

Author: Carwile Melissa
Description: Choose Dominoes, Find Pairs, or Link Up to review Lesson 4 Vocabulary.
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0. Save As
1. Ribbon
2. Mini Toolbar
3. Save
4. Quick Access Toolbar
5. Task Pane
6. Document Window
7. Dialog Box
8. Groups
9. Screen Tip
10. Dialog Box Launcher
11. Template
12. Help
13. Gallery
14. Live Preview
15. Backstage View

0. On-screen note that provides the name of the command
1. Shows the gallery choice effect without selecting it
2. Related commands within each tab
3. Appears automatically when you select a word
4. A pop-up window that provides more available options
5. Small arrow in the bottom right corner of a group on the Ribon
6. Gives you more options for saving, opening, sharing etc.
7. The control center in all Office Apps
8. Frequently used commands in the top right-hand corner
9. Separate window in an Office App to search more info
10. Predesigned document that you can use to create a doc
11. Displays additional options but can remain open
12. A set of choices arranged in a grid or a list
13. The area in an App Window where you can enter text or data
14. Use after a file%27s initial save to update to the most recent file
15. Use for the initial save to give a file a name %26 a location