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CF 3.2 Vocab Review

Author: Carwile Melissa
Description: Choose to play Dominoes, Find Pairs, or Link Up to review Computer Fundamentals Lesson 3.2 Vocab
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0. File Management
1. Windows Settings
2. Path
3. Search Box
4. Control Key
5. Descending Order
6. Restore Files
7. Empty Recycle Bin
8. Control Panel
9. Application File
10. Folders
11. Files
12. Document Recovery Pane
13. Hidden File
14. System File
15. File Properties

0. Largest to smallest (Z to A)
1. A file that is essential to an operating system
2. A file that is essential to an application program
3. Allows you to adjust %26 carry out complex actions %26 settings within Windows
4. Permanently deletes files from a computer
5. Allows you to adjust common Windows personalization options
6. Hold this key to select ther first %26 last file when files ARE in order
7. Organizing and keeping track of your files
8. A file you create when working with an application program
9. Characteristics that help you locate %26 organize files
10. Use to reopen a file that has been corrupted or autosaved
11. Smallest to largest (A to Z)
12. Reverses the delete of a file to the recycle bin %26 restores to former location
13. Hold this key to select files that are NOT in order
14. Identifies the exact location of a file or folder
15. Electronic collections of data