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3.1 Vocab Review

Author: Carwile Melissa
Description: Choose Dominoes, Find Pairs, or Link Up to review Lesson 3.1 Vocab
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0. Snap Assist
1. Restart
2. Windows 10
3. Minimize Button
4. Switch Account
5. Icon
6. Show Desktop
7. Sign Out
8. Close Button
9. Shortcut
10. Flip
11. Shut Down
12. Sleep
13. File Explorer
14. Maximize Button
15. Restore Down Button

0. Displays the window at less than a full screen %26 at its previous size
1. Expands a window to fill the comptuer screen
2. Closes all open programs %26 user account, but leaves computer on %26 running
3. Closes all open programs %26 turns off the computer
4. Switches between open windows by holding Alt %26 pressing Tab
5. A utility program designed to help you find, view, %26 manage files more easily
6. Locks the computer so that you must enter a password to continue working
7. An icon that represents a link to an item, not the item itself
8. Exits a Windows Program
9. Closes all open programs %26 turns off the computer, then restores power
10. A graphic image or symbol that represents an app, file, drive, or other object
11. Minimized all open windows to your task bar by clicking once
12. A person computer operating system developed by Microsoft
13. Locks the current user%27s account %26 allows another user to log on at the same time
14. Resizes windows in side by side view or in 4 squares
15. A holding area for files/folders before being permanently deleted