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Lesson 2.1 %26 2.2

Author: Carwile Melissa
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0. Uninterruptible Power Supply
1. Surge Suppressors
2. Magnets
3. Water Damage
4. Maintenance that requires the opening of a computer
5. Power Spikes
6. Maintenance
7. Ink Jet Printers
8. 68-75 Degrees
9. Disk Defragmentation
10. Keyboard or Mouse
11. Laser Jet Printers
12. Physical Damage
13. Protecting Against Static Electricity
14. Cookies
15. 20%25-Dew Point

0. Small Text Files that a Web site uses to identify a specific computer
1. Should be performed by a computer professional
2. A battery providing electric current during a power outage
3. Use Self-Cleaning Mode
4. Keep these away from computers
5. Keep stationary equipment stable %26 use cases for moblie devices
6. Use grounding protection or tile floors or antistatic carpet
7. Short, fast transfers of electric voltage or energy
8. Completely dry out a computer before restoring power
9. tasks you perform to keep equipment working
10. Use compressed air or dry cloth to clean
11. Protect from power spikes
12. Reorganization of fragmented files to create space on a computer
13. Clean every time you change the toner cartridge
14. Optimal temperature range for a computer
15. Optimal relative humidity range for a computer