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TLE-2nd Grading Periodical Test

Author: fortran mark
Description: Answer the following items HONESTLY.
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1. It is installed in the back corner of the PC case, next to the motherboard. It converts AC (standard house power) into DC voltages that are used by other components in the PC.
A) Automatic Voltage Regulator
B) Voltmeter
C) Uninterruptible Power Supply
D) Power Supply Unit

2. It is the physical, touchable, electronic and mechanical parts of a computer system.
A) Computer Case
B) Monitor
C) Hardware
D) Motherboard

3. The main part of a microcomputer, sometimes called the chassis. It includes the following parts: Motherboard, Microprocessor, Memory Chips, Buses, Ports, Expansion Slots and Cards.
A) Computer Casing
B) System Unit
C) Monitor
D) System board

4. It is a magnetic storage device that is installed inside the computer. A device used as permanent storage for data. In a Windows computer, it is usually configured as the C: drive and contains the operating system and applications.
A) Diskette
C) Hard Disk Drive
D) Memory stick

5. The main circuit board of a computer. It contains all the circuits and components that runt the computer.
A) Video Card
B) Motherboard
C) Network Card
D) Audio Card

6. Leet, or leetspeak, comes from the word %22enlight%22. Its main characteristic is the use of non-alphabet characters in place of letters that have a reasonable resemblance to them.

7. These are software programs that may be obtained for free over the Internet, but this does not mean that they are legal.
A) Freeware
B) Abandonware
C) Warez
D) None of the above

8. What is the meaning of ASP, which was created on the year 1987 that adheres to the idea of shareware as a marketing method rather than just the product?#
A) Association of Shareware Partners
B) Authorized Secondary Protocol
C) Association of Shareware Professionals
D) Answer_4_(optional)

9. It is an informal leetspeak term derived from %22 software%22

10. # are programs that have been copyrighted by their authors and are available for downloading, copying, distribution, and usage under certain terms and condition
A) Freeware

11. Which of the following are advantages of Open Source Software?
A) Cost, means they are free
B) Sincerity to faults and are easily detected
C) Reliability to a point were they can be upgraded by those who know what they want from the software
D) Liberty to use any particular software

12. A software is abandoned because the # is relinquished.
A) copyright
B) open source
C) trademark rights
D) Answer_4_(optional)

13. Open source is beneficial to the public because of the following EXCEPT.
A) they are practically free
B) they are secured against viruses, errors and bugs
C) free to users to use or discard the software
D) they are for design and upgrades

14. Who is the world renowed theoretical physicist who continues to intrigue the scientific community with his discoveries depite his almost complete paralysis?
A) Steve Jobs
B) Helen Keller
C) Stephen Hawking
D) Louis Braille

15. It is the most affordable handheld PC for the blind and visually impaired made by Hewlett-Packard and VisuAide.
A) Trackball 2.0
B) Maestro
C) Amazon Kindle
D) Answer_4_(optional)

16. According to the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, in broadcast media, television stations shall be encouraged to provide a sign language inset or subtitles in at least one of the following. What are these?
A) newscast programs
B) sport and recreation programs
C) special programs
D) events of national significance

17. What is the last and final step in the procedure of computer disassembly?
A) removing the CPU fan
B) removing the hard drive (HD)
C) removing motherboard
D) removing system fan

18. If working on a carpet, about every five minutes one should touch something that is grounded such as sink faucet or pipe so that you do not shock your motherboard or its other parts

19. It is a combination of the different forms of media: text, graphics, audio, video, etc. #
A) media convergence
B) multimedia
C) mediacast
D) mediaware

20. The computer system on the wheelchair of Stephen Hawking that enables him to communicate through a program. What is it called? #
C) GUI elements

21. Radio and remote control devices allowing a person to access his appliances at home, these are helpful to persons with disabilities and it is and example of an ECU. ECU means #
A) Environmental control unit

22. A two-drive system, one or two SATA# is a standard hardware interface for connecting hard drives and CD/ DVD drives to a computer is easy to set up.
A) serial access trend attach
B) serial advance technology access
C) serial advance technology attachment
D) Answer_4_(optional)

23. A safeguard device by manufacturers against pirates who intend to copy and sell software without any royalty payments to the developers.
A) dongle
B) bug
C) warez
D) cipher

24. It is a free operating system other than windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
A) Linux
B) iOS
C) Office
D) BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)

25. It is a payment made to the owner of a patent, copyright design, tradmark, or idea.
A) Cookie payment
B) Propaganda fee
C) Royalty fee
D) Paypal

26. In # , a gross misuse of programming knowledge and ability for the purpose of infiltrating secured sites is happening.
A) Hacking
B) Piracy
C) E-mailing
D) Flaming

27. A person is #, when he is in a state of being conneced to the Internet or some other electronically linked network such as telephone system or mobile connectivity.
A) online,connected,operational,working,available,accessible,wired,virtual,cyber,real-time,on-screen,electronic,live

28. A process of plundering or theft that concerns illegal copying, distribution, and sale of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner.

29. When a hardware becomes an open source, it may have came with the following requirements EXCEPT.
A) Cost cut-off and became practically free
B) Information on how to use is available
C) Free design and structure
D) Having tools for design

30. The primary device to which you can communicate with the computer and the first input device developed for the personal computer.
A) touchscreen
B) mouse
C) keyboard
D) webcam

31. In connecting peripherals in a personal computer, never force a connection when one attaches cables.

32. When the power supply is attached inside the system case, its connection to the motherboard is crucial. Firstly, plug the # from the power supply into the matching port on the motherboard.
A) small ATX power connector
B) large ATX LED connector
C) large ATX power connector
D) Answer_4_(optional)