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Lee vs Grant

Author: Gossett Duane
Description: Drag each description to the correct general.
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1. Robert E. Lee
2. Ulysses S. Grant
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4. group_name4

0. Lincoln%27s first choice to command the Union army
1. Turned down Lincoln%27s offer to lead the Union army
2. Could not fight against his home state of Virginia
3. Commanded the largest Confederate army
4. Was known for making risky moves in battle
5. Won many battles against bigger armies
6. Was respected by his enemies and his men
7. Became a college president after the Civil War
8. Surrendered his army in April, 1865
9. Won important battles for the Union
10. His name had been changed in military school
11. Some people thought he was cold and heartless
12. Lincoln said %22I can%27t spare this man. He fights.%22
13. Became president of the U.S. after the Civil War
14. Died of throat cancer after smoking cigars
15. Was given command over all the Union armies
16. Failed as a farmer and a storekeeper
17. Was willing to lose lots of his men to win battles
18. Died five years after the Civil War ended