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Worst Case Scenarios

Author: Kim Matthew
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1. Broken Leg
2. Earthquake
3. Charging Bull
4. Lightning

0. Do not move injured leg
1. Stay Inside! Get under a desk or table
2. Get into the open if you are outside!
3. Do not antagonise the bull and do not move.
4. Throw something away! Bull will run toward object
5. Put the splints around and tie but not tightly
6. Wait for the storm to pass
7. Do not touch or put anything on the wound.
8. Get the injured person to lie flat on their back
9. Avoid high places or open fields.
10. If you are driving, move the car far out of the traffic
11. Avoid bodies of water and metal objects
12. Do not run downstairs or rush while shaking
13. Bulls react to the movement not colour.
14. Try to stop the flood by applying steday pressure
15. Loud thunder indicates lighting is approaching
16. Look around for a safe have- escape route
17. Hallway or against inside walls are also good place
18. Running away is not best. Find a fence to jump over
19. Kneel with your hands on the ground