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Unit 8 Touchstone Matching Exercise

Author: sackin Daniel
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0. What do you wear in the winter in Thailand?
1. May I help you?
2. What kinds of clothes do you like to wear in class?
3. Does your English eacher have to wear a tie in class?
4. How much does a new Honda Wave motorcycle cost in Thailand?
5. Where do you like to buy DVDs?
6. How often do you go shopping at The Mall?
7. I want to get a Thai massage. How much does that cost?
8. What%27s your favorite place to go shopping in Korat?
9. Do you like to go shopping?
10. Are you cold?
11. Why do you like it?
12. How much does a cheap cell phone cost in Thailand?
13. What kinds of clothes do yu like to wear after class?
14. Does your mother like to go shopping?
15. May I borrow 1000 Baht?

0. About 100 Baht.
1. No, he doesn%27t.
2. At Panthip Plaza in Bangkok.
3. About once a month.
4. I usually wear a jacket, sometimes a sweater and a jacket.
5. Uh, maybe about 1000 Baht.
6. Yes, she does.
7. Sure. No problem. Here you are.
8. Well, I have to wear a uniform.
9. Casual clothes, like a T-shirt, blue jeans, and flipflops.
10. Yes, I am.
11. Because it%27s cheap.
12. I like Save-One market.
13. Hmmm. Maybe about 35,000 Baht.
14. Yes, thank you. How much is that cell phone?
15. No, I don%27t.