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Verb patterns

Description: Make sentences, respect the verb patterns, for example: I hope ..... I hope to see Vienna one day.
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0. bake a cake for my friends
1. visiting my grandparents next weekend
2. playing football twice a week
3. sitting in the garden on summer evenings
4. become a doctor because he likes to help sick people
5. to get a new mobile phone for his birthday
6. to pass the exam next week
7. to relax because I´m tired
8. travelling to Australia
9. to become a singer and be rich and famous
10. chatting to her friends every afternoon
11. playing the guitar every afternoon
12. listening to music and watching films
13. going out with friends every Sunday
14. study English in London
15. to have a sandwich and Cola

0. We´d like
1. I love
2. I love
3. We enjoy
4. He is going to
5. We are hoping
6. He hopes
7. I like
8. Right now I´d like
9. I´m going to
10. Juliet is going to
11. I´m looking forward to
12. I´m thinking of
13. She likes
14. He wants
15. We enjoy