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Pluralization of Nouns

Author: language sweetberry
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1. The plural of %22deer%22 is
A) deers
B) deeres
C) door
D) deer

2. The plural of %22calf%22 (a baby cow) is
A) calfs
B) calves
C) calf
D) celf

3. The plural of %22stimulus%22 is
A) stimuluses
B) stimuli
C) stimula
D) stimules

4. The plural of %22thesis%22 is
A) thesises
B) thesies
C) thesi
D) theses

5. The plural of %22woman%22 is
A) womans
B) womanes
C) women
D) woman

6. The plural of %22mother-in-law%22 is
A) mother-in-laws
B) mothers-in-law
C) mother-ins-law
D) mother%27s-in-law

7. The plural of %22forefoot%22 is
A) forefoots
B) foresfoot
C) forefeet
D) fore-foots

8. The plural of %22hang-out%22 is
A) hangs-out
B) hang%27s-out
C) hang-outs
D) hangouts

9. The plural of %22cupful%22 is
A) cupfuls
B) cupsful
C) cupfull
D) cup-fulls

10. the plural of student%27s blouse is
A) students%27s blouse
B) student%27ss blouses
C) students blouse%27s
D) student%27s blouses

11. the bodies of the men
A) men bodies
B) men%27s bodies
C) mens%27s bodies
D) mens%27 bodies

12. the cage of the deer
A) the deer%27s cage
B) the deers%27s cage
C) the deer cage
D) the deers%27 cage

13. the clothes of the babies
A) the babie%27s clothes
B) the baby%27s clothes
C) the babies%27 clothes
D) the babies%27s clothes

14. the case of Mrs. Perez
A) Mrs. Perez%27s case
B) Mrs. Perezs%27 case
C) Mrs. Perez%27 case
D) Mrs. Perezs%27s case

15. the project of Rex
A) Rexs%27 project
B) Rexs%27s project
C) Rex%27s project
D) Rex%27 project

16. the illness of Dess
A) Dess%27s illness
B) Dess%27 illness
C) Des%27s illness
D) Desses%27 illness

17. the house of Jack and Jill
A) Jack%27s and Jill%27s house
B) Jack and Jill%27s house
C) Jack and Jill houses
D) Jack%27s and Jill house

18. the watches of Mark and Jona
A) Mark%27s and Jona watches
B) Mark and Jona%27s watches
C) Mark%27s and Jona%27s watches
D) Marks and Jonas watches