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Nominative Functions

Author: language sweetberry
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1. Subject
2. Subject Complement
3. Appositive
4. Direct Address

0. A lone JACKET hung on the rusty nail.
1. The DOG ran through the yard.
2. The CHILDREN ate macaroni and cheese.
3. Mr. Loffer is the PRINCIPAL of the school.
4. Carrie is a good FRIEND of the homeless.
5. Abraham Lincoln is a famous PESIDENT.
6. Lincoln, the CAPITAL of Nebraska, is flooding.
7. The teacher, MRS. WHITE, laughs often.
8. Joe’s favorite food is pizza, a tomato-cheese PIE.
9. TOM, go to the office and pick up the attendance.
10. Shut the door, SAM.
11. CONGRESSMAN, vote on the bill.