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Singular and Plural

Author: Traboulsi Zeinab
Description: Circle the correct plural form.
Keywords: nouns, , , , , , online teaching

1. The plural form of puppy is
A) puppys
B) puppies
C) puppes
D) pups

2. The pural form of stratum is
A) stratums
B) strati
C) strata
D) stratti

3. The plural form of wolf is
A) wolf
B) wolfes
C) wolfs
D) wolves

4. cactus
A) cactuses
B) cactuss
C) cactus%27
D) cacti

5. drum
A) drums
B) drumms
C) dummm
D) drummies

6. ox
A) ox
B) oxes
C) oxen
D) oxs

7. day
A) daies
B) dayes
C) days
D) days%27

8. foot
A) foots
B) footies
C) footes
D) feet

9. person
A) people
B) personna
C) persons
D) personal

10. medium
A) media
B) medimes
C) mediums
D) mediumes