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Krashen (copy)

Author: cordero evelyn
Description: Choose the correct answer
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1. Which of Krashen%27s hypotheses emphasizes that language programs should not focus on grammar by acquiring the language?
A) Monitor hypothesis
B) Comprehensible input hypothesis
C) Affective Filter
D) Natural Order hypothesis

2. Krashen has 5 hypotheses of language acuqisition. Which one focuses on emotions?
A) Affective Filter hypothesis
B) Monitor hypothesis
C) Comprehensible input hypothesis
D) Natural Order hypothesis

3. The ________________________ hypothesis is a refinement of the Input Hypothesis. It asserts grammar and vocabulary are the result of language,not the cause.
A) Learning
B) input
C) monitor
D) Comprehension

4. _________________________ results in being able to understand and use the language spontaneously and unconsciously.
A) Comprehension
B) Natural order
C) Reading
D) Input

5. What observable behavior doesn%27t correlate with Krashen%27s Affective Filter Hypothesis?
A) Frequent Sharing
B) Low motivation
C) Anxiety
D) Easily embarrased

6. B.F Skinner was what type of theorist?
A) Behaviorist
B) Trait theorist
C) Psychoanalysis
D) Sitimulates

7. What animal did Skinner most work with?
A) Pigeons
B) Dogs
C) Cows
D) Cats

8. What did Skinner observe in his clinical trial?
A) observable behavior
B) physiological processes
C) Trait theorist
D) unconscious

9. What theorist did Skinner base his own research from?
A) Pavlov
B) Freud
C) Erikson
D) Allport

10. The ability to exert control over the variables that determine our behavior is called what?
A) self-control
B) behavior modification
C) Superstitious behavior
D) successive approximation

11. All of the following are examples of negative reinforcement except
A) Punishment
B) Avoidance learning or motivation.
C) Being rewarded by being relieved of discomfort
D) Taking away an unpleasant stimulus.

12. All of the following are learning styles except
A) Punishment
B) Being rewarded by being relieved of discomfort.
C) Taking away an unpleasant stimulus
D) Avoidance learning or motivation

13. B.F. Skinner%27s theory of learning through the consequences of our behavior is called
A) Operant conditioning.
B) Classical conditioning.
C) Modeling
D) Positive reinforcement.