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Excel Match

Author: Kennedy Kristen
Keywords: Microsoft, excel, , , , , online teaching

0. Status Bar
1. Scroll Bars
2. Active Cell
3. Status Bar
4. Workbook
5. Function
6. Fill Color
7. Formula
8. Argument
9. Gridlines
10. Title Bar
11. Menu Bar
12. Orientation
13. Excel
14. Worksheet
15. Label

0. The rotation of the text or the page
1. Contains dropdown menu commands
2. Current location of insertion point
3. Displays the contents of the active cell
4. Data entered as letters
5. Spreadsheet software distributed by Microsoft
6. Gives you a variety of information
7. One section in a book where you enter information
8. Equation that performs calculations on values
9. Displays the current worksheet name
10. A spreadsheet file
11. Predefined formula
12. Rows or columns on a sheet
13. Used to move horizontally or vertically on the page
14. When you see a cell range in paranthesis
15. Color the background of selected cells