Online teaching

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Parenting Styles

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1. Authoritative
2. Permissive
3. Authoritarian
4. Uninvolved

0. Child-centered, low demands
1. Child-centered, high demands
2. Adult-centered, low demands
3. Adult-centered, high demands
4. Clear, consistent rules
5. Reasonable rules that are responsive to the child
6. Explanations for rules
7. Child: high self-esteem, self-control, achievement
8. Child: friendly, independent, cooperative, motivated
9. Child: low self-esteem, happiness, achievement
10. Child: Happy, friendly, low self-control, irresponsible
11. Child: Aggressive, low achievement, risky behavior
12. Extremely restrictive and controlling
13. Values respect for authority and strict obedience
14. Coercive (e.g., threats, physical punishment)
15. Few limits or expectations for mature behavior
16. Children permitted to make their own decisions
17. Reward (not punish) to encourage mature behavior
18. Uncommitted to role as parent
19. Detached from children, infrequent conversations