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Author: Cheesman Kim
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1. The tallest mountain in Africa is _____________
A) Mount High
B) Mount Makalu
C) Mount Everest
D) Mount Kilimanjaro

2. The largest desert is in Africa is it called __________________.
A) A hot place
B) The Kharan Desert
C) The Sahara Desert
D) The Gobi Desert

3. Africa has the longest river in the world. It runs from Uganda all the way to Egypt for 4,132 miles. It is called the ___________ River.
A) Zara
B) Gonfale
C) Haddas
D) Nile

4. Africa has one of the largest islands in the world. It is called _________. It is the fourth largest island in the world.
A) Providence Island
B) Madagascar Island
C) Pomona Island
D) Mercury Island

5. The most populated country in Africa is ____________.
A) Mali
B) Libya
C) Nigeria
D) Ghana

6. There are more than _________ ethnic groups (tribes) in Africa.
A) 3,000
B) 7
C) 200
D) 1,500

7. This is the most visited country in Africa .
A) Guinea
B) Washington DC
C) Liberia
D) Egypt

8. The original _______ movie sets in the deserts of Tunisia (a.k.a. planet Tatooine) are very well preserved and you can even stay in Luke Skywalker%27s home.
A) Toy Story 3
B) Cars
C) Star Wars
D) Cinderella