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Math I Benchmark Vocabulary Words

Author: Sturdivant Veronica
Description: Match each to it%27s correct definition or best match
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0. undefined slope
1. average rate of change
2. linear systems
3. constant term
4. quadratic function
5. 3 words for your x-intercepts
6. linear function
7. axis of symmetry
8. another word for y-intercept
9. definition of x-intercepts
10. function
11. exponential function
12. definition of y-intercepts
13. vertex
14. constant function
15. slope

0. horizontal line zero slope y= a number
1. degree of 1 slanted line y=mx%2bb
2. the point where two lines cross, there are two unknowns
3. exponent is a variable curves and flatlines y=ab^x
4. where the graph crosses the x-axis and y value will be 0.
5. vertical line can%27t divide by 0
6. the lines the cuts the vertex of a quadratic and cuts it in half
7. initial value
8. the rate of change for a line, the m, delta y over delta x
9. each x gets exactly one y, and passes the vertiical line test
10. number without a variable
11. degree of 2 u-shaped parabola y=ax^2%2bbx%2bc
12. maximum or minimum of a quadratic
13. subtract y2 and y1 divided by subtracting x2 and x1
14. roots zeroes solutions
15. where the graph crosses the y-axis and the x-value will be zero